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Adobe CC


jQuery Validate

Friendly Captcha




Database migration and automation


Collect quality data from candidates

Site content prepared for easy edits and updates

Purposeful austerity

Supesu is a recruitment company realizing projects in C-suite, managerial, and legal positions. From the beginning, the redesign was excepted to reflect the no-fluff approach of the company and combine it with purposeful functionalities underneath. The restrained design comes from the need to communicate with Supesu's target audience of executives with a professional, formal tone.

As an effect, the site's visual language is built from only two ingredients: typography and space between.

Nuts and bolts

The more complex part of the project concerned one of the central objectives of Supesu – growing its candidate database with quality data. On the site part, the contact forms are the core of this process; they were enhanced with a customized captcha and validation scripts. 

To create a database, we introduced the Supesu team to Airtable and Make software. The former keeps company data, allowing it to be easily browsed and filtered. The latter is automating the connection between site form and database, also branching to newsletter signup, and clearing old data.

Nearly all of the content is possible to be edited directly by the Supesu team, through webflow editor or multiple CMS collections.

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