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Warsaw view, a photo made by Baltazar.


Good design can combine conciseness, expression, and catchiness – these are the qualities we follow.

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We're duo of designers and deveropers based in Warsaw.

Baltazar is a versatile graphic designer with a passion for creating captivating digital experiences. Armed with a degree in graphic design, Baltazar’s expertise goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Over the past 4 years, Baltazar has explored the dynamic realms of web design and development. His focus extends beyond static visuals, as he explores the creation of stunning animations that breathe life into digital landscapes. As a designer, Baltazar is dedicated to refining art-directed UI and storytelling, ensuring that each project communicates a compelling visual narrative.

Beyond aesthetics, Baltazar actively delves into the practical side of design, seeking to automate corporate processes and infuse a technological edge into his creative arsenal.

Portrait of Baltazar

Baltazar: designer+developer

Portrait of Margo

Margo: designer+developer

Margo is a certified fashion designer with additional studies in graphic design. Her diverse background includes experience in book publications and illustrations. Fueled by a passion for culinary experimentation, Margo spent several years contributing to a vegan house of brands, where she crafted original training programs for managers and customer service teams.

With over 2 years of experience in website development, Margo is dedicated to perfecting the art of customer collaboration, SEO, and solid UX. Her holistic approach ensures that the websites she builds not only look stunning but also provide an optimal user experience.

The synergy between us is where the magic happens. Baltazar's expertise in graphic design and development seamlessly complements Margo's multifaceted skills. Together, we create websites that not only reflect creative brilliance but also function seamlessly to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

At Wtem!, we pride ourselves on this collaborative spirit, where each team member's strengths enhance the overall outcome. Experience the perfect blend of creativity and technical finesse with us as we transform your vision into a digital masterpiece.