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Maciej Maćkowiak

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Delivering specific story of the therapist to the site visitors.

Forwarding users to the appointment signup

Creating space for Maciej to share his expertise on the therapy related subjects

Finding peace in a forest

Maciej Maćkowiak is an addiction therapy specialist running his practice online and at the office by the Baltic sea. After living and visiting various places in the world he found peace in this nature-surrounded place. In the past, he has experienced discrimination, depression, and addiction firsthand – nature served him as a place of safety and healing. This very personal experience gave direction for the website project.

A story to tell

Maciek has seen his need for a website coming more from a self-branding perspective need rather than a ‘conversion generator’. This opened up a perspective to focus the project on telling the story with words, images, and design. Our key concept was based on the universal storytelling approach – using a hero figure as a ‘vessel’ for the listener to place himself in the center of the story. Maciej came through the dark times, and his patients can count to come through as well.

The stroll

We prepared on-site visuals to lead from the dark, dense textures of the deep forest onto the bright, spacious beach. In the desktop version site scrolls horizontally to evoke a sense of physically moving through the forest. The parallax effect was used as a reference to walking between the trees where one can perceive the movement of different landscape planes at different speeds. The images were taken by Krystian Lipiec.

The site was awarded a Honorable Mention on Awwwards and was included in the best website designs by Designrush.

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