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Asseco Starter

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Custom JS & CSS





Creating an engaging experience for young tech audience

Using the experience to direct the users to sign up for the internship program

Elevating the internship experience

Asseco is one of the biggest Polish IT companies. Their Asseco Starter program targets students and fresh graduates that would join the company for a 3-month internship program, and grow their skills on one of the two paths: developer or tester.

Finding new expression within the brand realm

We were asked by the company to redesign the previous internship page, to create a more exciting experience for its young and tech-savvy audience. One of the requirements of the project was to prepare the design within the company’s comprehensive brand guidelines. On top of the predefined shapes, fonts, and colors we’ve prepared a custom layout and made it interactive with motion, using the program logo element as a main thread leading users deeper into the page.

Testing the limits

The whole portfolio is based on a single Webflow CMS database inside of which we worked with possibilities of the most effective display of different numbers of images in different aspect ratios inside repeated pieces of the layout.

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