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After Effects






Sharing biohacking knowledge and company services

Creating signup options integrated with company schedule

Company paper, business cards, envelope and CD designs

Hacking body and mind

Using the latest advances in science we can not only counteract the deterioration of our being – but we can also upgrade it. Infinitmind embraces the biohacking approach through the combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, EEG feedback, and coaching.

Visuals of growth

I proposed a logo that would connect these three fields of the company’s expertise with the concept of growth. Usage of colours and white space is aimed to identify the brand with the tech-medical field and evoke self-care connotations.

site foundations

Infinitmind website design followed key identity concepts, additionally supplemented with imaginative illustrations that help to underline the site’s claim: ‘become an Artist of Life’.

The basic goals for the site were to enable signups for different treatments, inform about company scope and share biohacking content via the company’s blog.

Expanded CMS

The blog is a big part of the site content. Besides the main blog and single posts pages, I’ve added dynamic Categories tags and sites, to make the reading experience seamless.

Preparing for company growth I’ve also set a dedicated system for adding future staff members. Another multi-field CMS was created for a price list, to make it fit for different units and descriptions.

All of the systems are easy to operate thanks to Webflow editor and a short introduction for the site owner.

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